So soccer or known by the rest of the world as futbol has been exciting and a learning experiance for me personally to watch.

So the FIFA world cup in south Africa has been broad
casted on ESPN. Many things have occurred that have puzzled me. Since I haven’t the slightest clue about the sport I had to figure these questions out.

A PK is a penalty kick. A yellow card is a warning card. If a player receives 2 in a game that is equivalent to a red card. A red card is automatic ejection from a game as well as benching the player for the following game as well. Now you receive these cards for contact severity depending on what the ref deems as extreme contact. These are a few tips to help you better understand the game. As for the loud obnoxious noise in the back round (you know it sounds like a swarm of bees) those are horns the fans blow throughout the game.

I recommend a bottle of aspirin if you go see a live game! LOL