NFL Studs n’ Duds Tuesday, Oct 4 2011 



Calvin Johnson:

The Lions wide receiver has been nothing short of spectacular this season. Helping the team come back from a 20+ point deficit and beat the Cowboys on their home turf. What was impressive was the touchdown he managed to steal being covered by 1…no….2….no 3, re-read that 3!!!!! DEFENDERS!!!!!!! He also tied an NFL record for four straight games with two touchdowns.

-The Lions remain perfect at 4-0 tied with the Green Bay Packers.

 Baltimore Ravens Defense:

It was defensive blow after defensive blow Sunday night against the Jets. The Ravens D won the game. Both offensive sides were sloppy and inconsistent. The Ravens D managed scored 3 touchdowns to propel over the Jets. This has been the most defensive scores in franchise history. I am sure every one of these touchdowns made Rex Ryan grind his teeth.

Eli Manning:

 Ok well although he had a fumble that lead to an Arizona touchdown and although it took him time to really get comfortable for three quarters of the game, Eli was gold the fourth quarter. He led the team to a come from behind victory, threw for 321 yards and 2 touchdowns to beat Arizona 31-27.

-Really have to give it to the Giants, after they have been plagued with injuries before and during the season they have managed to go 3-1 and tie for the division lead with Washington. Who’d a thunk it!?!?



Mark Sanchez:

 …..Is it just me or is he terrible 99.9% of the time….

After Sunday’s loss against the Ravens, I realized how lucky the Jets are that they have a strong and competitive defense. Sanchez is a hot mess. This team reminds me of the 2007 Chicago Bears led by Rex Grossman…..yea right….more like Brian Urlacher and the Bears defense. Same applies here. If the defense isn’t winning the game for Sanchez, he certainly isn’t doing it himself. He turned the ball over FIVE times! As mentioned earlier, the Baltimore D racked up all the points to win this game….see why!?! His quarterback rating after the game was an abomination! WAKE UP! Have you seen who your wide receivers are lately!? Santonio Holmes, Plaxico Burress, LT, Dustin Keller for crying out loud, this guy has the whole friggin cake and can’t add the frosting!


 Tony Romo:

 He is really starting to scare me a bit. I don’t know if he swallows the red or blue pill before the games.  He is the epitome of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He is the Cybil of our time. I don’t understand how you blow a 20+ point lead….well I guess it’s just this simple……three interceptions and two returned for touchdowns. It was a huge momentum change for what looked to be a dissembled Lions team.


 Marion Barber:

 Listen, if you’re going to celebrate, try not to make an ass out of yourself (although it was pretty funny to watch). That is all.


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