Tom Izzo has been considering a big move from college hoops to the NBA, a whole different animal to conquer. Why now? The deal may include a 6 mil contract with the Cavs per season. The Cavs franchise is in transition right now and the question still remains, will Lebron return?

With the changes being made to the team itself how will Izzo fair? Izzo has been the head coach of MSU since 95′ with notable success the past 2 seasons bringing the team to 2 back to back final four tournaments. He has brought MSU to 6 total in the past 12yrs. Izzo has met with his MSU players but hasn’t confirmed whether or not he will be returning to the school. What will this do for the team and the school? Students, players, and fans have been rallying and pleading for Izzo to stay through social network sites and around the campus. SI quoted center Derrick Nix, “coach is the best thing that ever happened to me.” Clearly Izzo has made a profound mark on these students. Overall college coaches have had little success in the big leagues.

The star studded bigs of the NBA hold a lot of power especially in comparison to a coach.You would have to connect and alter that power into a greater effort…the team. I don’t personally know what goes on in the locker room but a lot of the time players seem to dish out the all about me attitude. A coach, paid less than the players, would need to be well spoken and handle each coaching situation as professionally as possible. Off the wall Izzo and very intense he may provoke mixed feelings amongst players. To be continued…