Tuesday, July 13, 2010 Saturday, Sep 10 2011 

George Streinbrenner passed away early this morning following a massive heart attack in Tampa, FL. Love him or hate him he put his stamp on the Yankees n shaped them to be winners when all hope was lost. Mario Cuomo in a shortened quote on Steinbrenner “he was more than a winner and a celebrity. There was no falseness to him.”A memorial for him is said to be in Tampa, FL as well as NY.


Thursday, June 10, 2010 Saturday, Sep 10 2011 

CC as big as he is in height his width seems to share the same quality…or quantity.

The New York Post writer Joel Sherman brings up the question “does his heavy workload beginning to, at least, incrementally erode some of his great talent.” Within his last 10 starts, he has only won 4 of them and they were all against the Baltimore Orioles.

That doesn’t say to much for CC. The other Yankee pitchers have easily out pitched him (more of them than one would think). Does CC need to shed some pounds in order to show improvements??????