Monday, February 21, 2011 Saturday, Sep 10 2011 

Filling out your NCAA bracket, my friends, is no easy task. When you become as obsessed with it as I have, the idea of March “madness” is very true. I don’t normally have my NCAA bracket figured out this early (nobody could) and this weekend of tough loses for top rankers and huge upsets is prime example WHY!! (more…)


Siena Breezes by Maine Saturday, Sep 10 2011 

Albany, Times Union Center- Maine and Siena go at it. Siena has not had an easy season. We fans have been blessed to see a Siena team win big games and head into NCAA tournament games. This year we just like seeing Siena win, period. Hopes for an NCAA berth, well most likely is just a hope and wish.

Against Maine, Siena, well they looked good. I liked the matchup between Siena’s Brookins and Maine’s Singleton. This Singleton was quick! Very hard to guard. He could come up with a steal and make it down and under the basket before anyone, even his teammates realized what just happened. For Brookins I believe this may have been why he was so quiet in the first half. Matchups changed in the second half (big men on littles) and Brookins had some sweet 3s that got the crowd going. Siena played with a lot of patience which led to more baskets. They led by 10+ points in the second but Maine switched from full court press to a half court trap and it was working in their favor.

They managed to cut Siena’s lead to 6. Luckily Siena was able to hang on and Maine showed frustration in an unsportsman like fashion. Rossiter endured a cheap hit to the face by Maine’s #15 Barnes bringing a loud range of Boooo’s echoing through the arena. The officiating froze the game up. At one point it was said that “that ref needs to swallow his whistle for a minute.” The final score Siena 71 Maine 60.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011 Saturday, Sep 10 2011 

Its rivalry week baby and what better game to watch than Duke vs UNC. They are the biggest rivals in college hoops. (more…)

Becoming a Duke Fan Saturday, Sep 10 2011 

This may seem so trivial but I just thought I’d share a bit about myself. My father is certainly the culprit for my obsession with college hoops. I remember when I was young, he would fill out my sister’s and my brackets for us year after year. At first we would pick teams out of a hat. When we got a little older he would call out the names of the teams and we would pick whichever team sounded “cool.” The team that was always cool to me, was Duke. My father, grandfather, sister, and I had gone to a resturant for dinner. Now I was about 5 or 6 and a seafood fanatic. I believe I got sick on the seafood (or car sick I was 5 what do I know) so the car ride home was less than pleasant for my father due to the fact I got sick all over the place. So my father cleaned me up and tucked me in. When I was settled in her rubbed my tummy and asked “Deanna, hunny you ok?” My response, “Yea Dad, Duke won!” So needless to say that has stuck with me ever since. Cute story, thought I would share! 🙂

Tuesday, February 8, 2011 Saturday, Sep 10 2011 

Times Union Center- Albany, NY– Siena Saints battled against Loyola last night. The offenses for both teams were on point, however Siena could not figure out a good defensive strategy against Loyola. They began with a 2-3 zone switched to a 3-2 and finally went man to man all in the first half! Nothing seemed to be effective against Loyola’s offense. (more…)

Siena VS UAlbany Saturday, Sep 10 2011 

A great way to kick off college hoops in the cap city, the rivalry between UAlbany and Siena. My friends and I walked into the game greeted by disappointed fans LEAVING! They had warned us that the game was terrible! (more…)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010 Saturday, Sep 10 2011 

Duke and Butler will rematch Dec 4th! These two teams met for the NCAA Basketball Championship last year, Duke the reigning champ!

My vote goes for Duke! I’m just saying, plus Butler is lacking Gordon Hayward who in a desperate attempt to win the game last year, threw a perfectly squared 3 from half court and ALMOST made it in!

After Duke has polished off some top contenders thus far this season, including Tom Izzo’s Spartans, I have faith they will reign supreme in this game. It will certainly be worth watching though!!! COLLEGE HOOPS ITS OFFICIAL GET SOME!!!!