Thursday, December 30, 2010 Adirondack Phantoms Saturday, Sep 10 2011 

The first period of the Phantoms/Monarchs game was pretty evenly matched… first. Nic Riopel the 21 year old goaltender who started his Phantom career on a shutout victory gave up 2 goals within 20 seconds of each other. It was really bizarre to watch, in an attempt to write notes about the game I was startled by the quick wrap around goal by Clune moments after the first by Holloway. In defense of Riopel, his teammates didn’t offer him much defense, it was completely collapsing. The game was tied 0-0 until the last 3 minutes of the game. Tired legs to blame? No excuse they were switching players out regularly and not only that I felt at the most inconvenient times as well. One minute left to play the Phantoms are on a break away guarded by 3 Monarch defenders and the coach calls to switch out players? Really? If they had men on the ice and not a lone solider maybe a play could have been executed and maybe a goal! That in my opinion would have been fantastic incentive for the team and a positive end to a lousy last couple of minutes in the first period. Shots on goal for the Phantoms 8 and for the Monarchs 15. (more…)


Phantoms Hockey Saturday, Sep 10 2011 

First and foremost before we go into detail about the Phantoms/Monarchs game I feel it necessary to explain the atmosphere at the event.

Upon arrival a large crowd had formed outside the Glens Falls Civic Center for tickets. Families and friends gathered to their seats and many had Phantoms scarves, jerseys, and hats on. It has been a long time I have attended an AHL game and saw such dedication amongst the fans.

The community really has embraced the team. They cheered during good plays, taunted the other goalie (as well as there own), and even though the Phantoms were down by 4 goals, they stayed until the bitter end! It was refreshing to see kids dancing to the music and the youth hockey team sliding all over the ice on their skates. It reminded me when I was a kid going to Capital District Islander games. They do have incentives to get people to return to games such as a zambonie ride and autographed merchandise. I can’t wait to attend the next game and talk with the fans.

The Phantoms don’t have the best record this year, in fact the most wins that they have had were in the month of December. So why do fans return to the games? Is it a love for the game? Is it a love for the Phantoms? Or is it merely something to do and somewhere to be seen? At the next game I will be asking fans these questions. I look forward to hearing the results.

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