As a football fan I have seen plenty of amazing games and hard hits. There are few particular “smackdowns” that have stuck out in my memory bank. Though I have seen many, I have three in particular I will never forget.

The first that comes to mind, was the helmet to helmet contact between Ray Lewis and Chad Ochocinco….Johnson (whatever he calls himself these days). As Johnson went up for a pass by Carson Palmer, Ray Lewis slammed into him and his helmet flew off towards the sideline. Shockingly enough, he popped up as if nothing had happened.

The “squeeze” play October of 2009

After the game Johnson tweeted,

Beautify game, Ray knock my head off, all part of the game, I love my big brother Ray Lewis, hope you all enjoyed thee event !!!!!

The second big hit that stands out for me, was when Eric Smith and Anquan Boldin collided in a helmet to helmet hit. Boldin not only received the hit from Smith but was sandwiched between another Jets player as well. Normally the “hooting and hollering” would echo throughout the stadium but when Boldin laid out lifelessly it became much more serious. Eventually we found out he suffered a concussion and facial fractures. He would receive seven titanium plates secured by more than 40 screws in his repaired face.

Scary scene September 2008

The third and final hard hit that will certainly stick with me forever was Sheldon Brown’s hit on Reggie Bush. I mean he was absolutely flattened. “Welcome to the NFL Reggie,”

I recall the announcers stating as Reggie attempted to stand after he took that lickin’. This has to be one of the hardest hits I have seen in football.

Welcome Reggie January 2007


By. Deanna Ferris

September 2012