Its rivalry week baby and what better game to watch than Duke vs UNC. They are the biggest rivals in college hoops.

I was afraid of writing this blog due to the deplorable start courteously brought by Duke. UNC ran the floor in the first half. They were able to penetrate into the lanes and get easy buckets in the paint. Not only that but if they hadn’t hit the bucket the first time, the offensive stepped up for the rebound and gave the team another shot which they usually capitalized on. Duke only had about 10 points in the paint the first half! They couldn’t commit to any shots at all and UNC’s John Henson, the long armed man, was blocking shots like nobodies business.

Duke tried to go for the 3 point shot and normally are very successful with it, however they were only 4-13 to start. Nolan Smith kept Duke in the game as best as he could. Kyle Singler had a small run at the end of the first half but honestly, I forgot he was playing because he really didn’t do to much. Duke had 9 turnovers in the first half. Offensively they were getting the rebound after missed shots, or UNC was just getting there that much quicker, I mean UNC dominated and made it seem like they were the 5th ranked team in the nation. UNC led by 14 points going into halftime. Duke had lots of work ahead of them.

By the second half I thought both of the team’s coaches were going to collapse. They were “playing” just as hard as the players. A huge factor in Duke’s comeback was first off the 8-0 run they made in the first few minutes of the second half but also Seth Curry really stepped up his game. In the Duke spotlight we are used to hearing the names Plumlee, Smith, and Singler but tonight it was Curry. A young athlete making his mark in a huge rivalry game. At one point, he ran the floor with three back to back shots. Nolan Smith was on the way for a career high as well. With 3:48 to go Duke led by 6. UNC wouldn’t go away. Duke was able to hang on and broke UNC’s 5 game winning streak. Nolan Smith did in fact have a career high game with 34 points. That is huge for him and he clearly has grown as an athlete. Probably in contention for being the best player in the ACC. Duke wins 79-73!!!!!!!!!!