So at this point the Dallas Cowboys season is over and every game they have won since they went on a deplorable losing streak has damaged the changes of a better draft pick. That is all fine and dandy, the team has amazing talent, they just can’t seem to get it together. What is the plan for next season and who will be coaching it?

Talks about possible new coaches have brought up names like Jon Gruden and Bill Cowher. Of course Jason Garrett has been fairly impressive as well since he has taken over the team. I would not be ready to give him the title yet, though. I feel he is still responsible for some of the previous errors the Cowboys were enduring this season. After all, how quickly we forget he was the offensive coordinator and he was making play calls. He seems to have the commradery of the team at this point and time but I think he is too soft.

Bill Cowher I believe would be a perfect fit. He has a valuable reputation and I feel can give these “All Star” players a kick in the ass. I mean your not all that if you can’t prove it on the field. I feel it’s exactly what these guys need to hear. I think the problem is though, Jerry Jones. He is WAY to involved with the affairs of the team and he also voices these opinions to the press, he’s a plague and consistently spreading his disease from season to season. I know Bill Cowher wouldn’t take his crap for two seconds. I guarantee you he would simple say, go up and sit your cozy box and let me handle the rest, that is what you pay me for! That is what NEEDS to happen. Jason Garrett wouldn’t do that, and needless to say if he does get the coaching job that is probably one of the reasons why. It will be the same mistakes, the same issues, and the same kinda losing season unless something gives with Mr. Jones. He is our Yankee Georgie Boy times 100!!

If Jon Gruden is considered for the head coaching job, well if he gets the head coaching job, I will prolly have to renounce my loyalties to the Dallas Cowboys. Did anyone here (at any point in time really) his commentaries? Last night he friggin said that Brett Favre looked like he was “23 again.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME? A player can botch up the play worse than Eli Manning’s self-fumble and Gruden would still say what an awesome attempt it was at something great…..I can’t stand it, its like he doesn’t want to offend anyone. Where the frigg is that going to get you? No respect from a team that’s for sure. No loyalties, no improvements, he will be walked all over.

An assertive head coach willing to take chances and get the respect out of the team through progressive action is what needs to happen. Jerry Jones needs to learn what his role is on the team and let the staff take care of the rest. It is one thing to want to show your support for your players but it quite another to be on the sidelines hooting and hollering at them OOO and then telling the press how bad they are, real nice.