A great way to kick off college hoops in the cap city, the rivalry between UAlbany and Siena. My friends and I walked into the game greeted by disappointed fans LEAVING! They had warned us that the game was terrible!

Now if the game was terrible, that would lead me to think 1 team was blowing out the other team already (it was only 5-7 minutes in). Upon arrival to our seats, UAlbany was ahead and the game was relatively close, so what was the problem? Well I held a 10 minute conversation n afterwards realized the score hadn’t changed at ALL!

The game was fairly fast-paced but lacked control by either team. They went up and down the court pretty much uncontested by defenders and could not make a shot! Whether it was an easy lay-up or a quick unguarded 3 point attempt, nothing would fall! And the rebounding!!! Well it was non-existent. Halftime score was 30/38 UAlbany. Better defense, slowing down the game, and making shots were necessary for the second half. The second half shifted momentum to Siena’s favor in the last 8 minutes. The game that we were warned was awful in the beginning turned out to be a nail-biter in the end.

It went into OT with the help of some free throws that finally dropped (ugh easy points that were missed all night) seriously UAlbany missed way too many of them, they would have been up at least 10 points if they hadn’t. In the end Siena couldn’t recover from their early mistakes, which continued to plague them throughout the rest of the game. They weren’t sharp at all. They weren’t playing harmoniously. They just recently lost to Fairfield as well. Ryan Rossiter must be rolling, he and Clarence Jackson looked like freshman! Well more so Rossiter. Anyways major improvements need to be made to the Siena team if they want to compete in the NCAA tournament next year. The final score in the Siena UAlbany game was 82-88.