Well Favre ends his consecutive regular season starts at 297. At this point whoopdie-friggin-do! I feel almost all of us, the dedicated football fans that we are, share a love-hate relationship with Favre in his career. Honestly it teeters more so on the “hate” side.

Credit is due, he has been a master at breaking records and a master at the miraculous play. But he hasn’t seen true greatness since he left the Packers. He has become quite the “Diva”. It was no secret he and Childress didn’t get along. I for one thought it be best that Jackson was given a shot to play before Childress was fired. I don’t think he was an awful coach, well I mean he was definitely lacking in a lot of ways, BUT we are outsiders! What was really going on? Was it the rift between coach and QB that divided the team? Childress must have known his job was in jeopardy and I am sure that had a say in some of his decision making. ESPN had taken a poll a week or so ago debating whether the US preferred Favre to start or Jackson. Everyone voted Against Favre, now this was after he was knocked out of the Bills game OOOH and after Jackson threw 3 pics (in the same game as well).

Are we all that sick and tired of Favre!? Seems like it! Jackson really isn’t all that, and most likely not a the right candidate for the starting slot. I’m not discrediting the Bills, they have dragged many teams into OT, playing tough, just couldn’t finish the job (that’s what she said) but they managed to knock out Favre, and again had a handful of interceptions during the game! The Vikings finally resorted to the run game, they utilized AP to his fullest potential and who the frigg can stop him!? Sidney Rice is back in the line up and makes anyone look like a rock star! I’ve been saying this, if it wasn’t for him Favre WOULD NOT have been back in the line up I swear he just lobbs the ball and Rice goes after it, any way shape or form. He did the same thing with Jackson, those friggin passes were awful, but Rice manages to make them look Again “miraculous” and of course Favre was getting most of the credit! Ok, see “hater” side coming out. I can’t talk about the Vikings anymore, I’m getting ticked off.

Ugh but did anyone see Favre’s arm! It resembled the color of his jersey, gross!!!