Filling out your NCAA bracket, my friends, is no easy task. When you become as obsessed with it as I have, the idea of March “madness” is very true. I don’t normally have my NCAA bracket figured out this early (nobody could) and this weekend of tough loses for top rankers and huge upsets is prime example WHY!!

The top four ranked teams managed to lose opening up the door for Duke to reclaim the number 1 spot after a huge win over Georgia Tech. The Big East had done what they normally do, beat the snot out of one another. UCONN after coming off of a huge win loses to Louisville who just came off a big loss….????? Really??? Pitt lost to St. Johns who has finally claimed a spot in the top 25 rankings as #25. These guys don’t mess around on their home court. They use it as the advantage it should be. Notre Dame was upset by West Virginia and Villanova was nearly taken down by Depaul….I mean I can’t even describe to you how these things happen.

I have to wonder why these unknown factors in the hoops world are making such a mess of the toppers. Its great I hope its a preview for what is to come in March. Other notable loses are Nebraska over Texas. Nebraska just barely squeaked by Oklahoma and Texas was thought to be the best team besides Ohio St…ooo that’s right OSU ALSO was taken down by Purdue. I love the insanity!!! So right now the top 4 ranked teams are #1 Duke #2 Kansas #3 OSU #4 San Diego St (—this team still only has 1 loss to everyone else’s 2 (at least) I would watch out for them when it comes to tournament time. I don’t know to much about them in general, I do know they were in the tournament last year and were beat by Bruce Pearl’s Tenn team. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if the rankings were to change again significantly before March “Madness” kicks off. It is to be expected.

Dangerous teams to note besides San Diego St. I feel are St. John’s and Wisconsin. Teams I thought were lethal were Pitt and OSU…hmm yeah even Texas but I’m not sure about the durability they will have in the long run. Big East teams always draw a lot of bids in the tournament but guys and gals look back on these losses and remember how hard they are playing now! It does make a difference for when they go to the tournament, they wipe each other out in the regualr season and haven’t got much more to give otherwise. Kansas just had a player suspended indefinitely, think about that as well..I need to research that more who he is what he brought to the table ect, ect…more to come as we get close!