This may seem so trivial but I just thought I’d share a bit about myself. My father is certainly the culprit for my obsession with college hoops. I remember when I was young, he would fill out my sister’s and my brackets for us year after year. At first we would pick teams out of a hat. When we got a little older he would call out the names of the teams and we would pick whichever team sounded “cool.” The team that was always cool to me, was Duke. My father, grandfather, sister, and I had gone to a resturant for dinner. Now I was about 5 or 6 and a seafood fanatic. I believe I got sick on the seafood (or car sick I was 5 what do I know) so the car ride home was less than pleasant for my father due to the fact I got sick all over the place. So my father cleaned me up and tucked me in. When I was settled in her rubbed my tummy and asked “Deanna, hunny you ok?” My response, “Yea Dad, Duke won!” So needless to say that has stuck with me ever since. Cute story, thought I would share! 🙂